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Address: Room702, Building D, The Riverside Baroque Palace, No.3, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Company Profile

Beijing Funch Autoparts Co., Ltd. integrating production and manufacturing, design and development, supply chain management ,we provide OEM service for global automotive industry and machine tool equipment, also for comprehensive after-sales service integration suppliers.
Our professional team works for customers to submit professional rigorous PPAP, and provide product customization service for some customers for their special requirements. Our complete supply chain management system can meet customers’ needs at any change in a timely manner very well ! Also provide the best solution in purchasing order, logistics transportation, import and export customs declaration and many other related areas for our clients.
Our products include: car and truck engine cylinder head, special bearings for commercial vehicles and machine tool equipment, wheel hub bearing and hub unit for cars, automotive transmission , clips .  Widely used in automotive, truck, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, reconnaissance equipment, etc.



Cylinder Head、Cylinder Head Complete、Crankshaft、Camshaft、Wheel Hub Bearing、Wheel Hub Unit、Wheel Bearing

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 5 - H5-99

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