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Company Profile
BWL has the capability to manufacture diverse range of wheels for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors and 4x4 vehicles. The annual production capacity is 2.5 million wheels per annum.
The Plant is well equipped with highly sophisticated facilities comprising of the material preparation line, heavy and light duty rim lines, a press line having presses of upto 1500-ton capacity, an assembly and welding line with CO2 and submerged arc welding machines. The manufacturing is complemented by two conveyorised paint shops with seven stages pretreatment system and the second one comprises of the most modern Cathodic Electro Deposition painting process using latest paints. Specialized facilities of tool and die making repairing and quality testing/inspection.
BWL supplies wheels for all major companies, OEM’s of Pakistan Automotive Industry. Its customers at present are Toyota, Suzuki, Hinopak, Ghandhara Industries, Lucky Motors, Fuso Master, Ghandhara Nissan, Daewoo, Millat Tractor (Messy Ferguson) and Al Ghazi Tractor (Fiat). BWL is also exporting wheels to countries like Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, South America, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh etc.
Automotive Steel Wheels
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