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Company Profile
Yes Electromotive is a new technology company focused on green energy technologies, last mile delivery vehicles and industrial design.

Yes Electromotive operates from its purpose built development facility at Sunder Industrial Estate in Lahore.

The company has a capable team of innovators, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts delivering world-class products and solutions.

We have a very strong skill set in rapid prototyping, product development and small volume flexible manufacture that give us a unique edge in fast evolving industries.

Our power wall suite of products is a result of development work on Ecocab ® our upcoming Ultra Light Commercial EV.

The cell chemistry is Lithium Iron Phosphate, which is suitable for Pakistani operating conditions and the architecture utilizes prismatic cells that are easily serviceable.

Yes Electromotive Power walls feature advanced Battery Management Systems offering the latest industry standard in safety and connectivity.

Our power walls are equipped with active cell balance circuits, a smart state of charge calculation algorithm and various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and CAN bus to suit the end-users requirement.

We are open to collaboration with entities in the solar energy, backup power and electric mobility fields.
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