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Company Profile
Electropolymers Private Limited was established in 1984, under the umbrella of DHARANI GROUP OF COMPANIES (Started since 1955), with an objective to manufacture, assemble and supply automotive lamps to the Automotive OEM’s Sector in Pakistan. We are one of the leading automotive lamp manufacturers since the Start of company. The company started its operation supplying goods to the Automotive OEM’s brand and very soon hereafter it turned out to be OEM’s Preferred Supplier with capability to produce lamps with exceptional and absolute technology.
Perusing the strategy of “Replacing the use of conventional glass based lamps and innovative use of Polymers”, the company has made tremendous growth in the business while reshaping thoughts with cost effective solutions which specialized in the auto lamps industry.
Electropolymers has also technically collaborated with THAI STANLEY ELECTRIC PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED in 1993.
Today, Electropolymers enjoys the status of being the preferred brand of OEMS in Pakistan.
1) Injection Moulding : 13 machines ( From 20 tons to 350 tons) 2) Surface Treatment : Vacuum Coating 3) Painting : Centralized paint booth with cleansing process and baking. 4) Assembly : Chemical Bonding , Ultrasonic Welding, Hot melt adhesive applicator, silicon bonding. 5) Inspection : Dust, Vibration, Shock, Shower, Lux Intensity, Illumination, Endurance and durability test equipment.
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