Saeed Iqbal Ahmed Khan Sr. Vice Chairman, PAAPAM

Saeed Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Sr. Vice Chairman, PAAPAM


Saeed Iqbal Ahmed KhanI am honored to have been elected to serve as the 2016-17 Senior Vice Chairman of the association. The Association has a history of outstanding Board Chairs .I will strive to emulate the integrity, vision and leadership of the past Chairs.

Our Association serves more than 350 member and affiliates our member enterprises through our large and active business network services; Our Association helps promote economic vitality by helping to create and sustain a vibrant climate to support business growth and knowledge.

I look forward to working with the Management Committee to ensure that the services provided to our members are increased and also more value is added This year we look forward to engage with the Government on many policy related issues. Like our predecessors, interaction and influence on the government will be our major objectives to make sure that policies are inclined towards the betterment of the Auto Parts Sector.

Another major area that we would like to focus my attention is our export sector, we would like to develop and strengthen our international relationships which have been made after years of work. Export Orientation will be the key to introducing new and upgraded technology.

May Allah give me the strength to perform as per our prestigious members expectations.


Mashood Ali Khan
Chairman, PAAPAM & PAPS Committee 2017

Mashood Ali Khan Chairm, PAPS Committee & Sr. Vice Chairman, PAAPAM

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Syed Mansoor Abbas
Vice Chairman, PAAPAM

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