Jinkwang Jaz Pvt. Ltd.

Tel: +92-21-3472-3635


Email: shehryar@jk-jaz.com

Website: www.jk-jaz.com

Address: DSU-33, Pakistan Steel Down Stream Industrial Estate, Bin Qasim, Karachi


Company Profile

Jin Kwang JAZ (Pvt) Ltd. or JKJ, as we are better known to our customers started commercial production of steel forgings in 2006. We are the most modern and environment friendly hot forging house in the Country today, with state of the art Korean machinery having automated and strictly controlled processes for induction heating, forging and heat treatment resulting in no variation.

From humble beginnings, JKJ is now one of the largest forging houses in the country supplying parts locally to all the major OEM’s in the automotive sector including Atlas Honda, Honda Cars, Massey Ferguson, Suzuki and Toyota as well as some industrial parts. This has been the result of our hard work and customer centric approach building value for our customers through unmatched quality, pricing and overall satisfaction.

JKJ is also the only forging house in the country with the capability and expertise to process vanadium steel. Due to this, we are given preference by some of the top OEM’s in the country. Complete machining facilities are available at our sister concern Noor Engineering Services.

Annual Production Capacity - 5,000 Tons


forging lines, electric induction heating, comprehensive supporting facilities: billet shearing, trimming, shot blasting, coining. continuous and conveyorized heat treatment facilities available for for oil quenching, tempering and normalizing through electric furnaces. complete testing facilities as well as in-house design and development facilities available.


crank shafts, front axle hubs, flanges, yokes, bevel gears, gears, hooks, cam shafts, steering knuckles and suspension lugs

Stall Information

Stall No's: Hall # 6 - H6-C15

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