Mashood Ali Khan Chairman PAAPAM

Mashood Ali Khan
Chairman, PAAPAM & PAPS Committee 2017

Mashood Ali Khan Senior Vice Chairman PAAPAM

With immense pleasure I once again would like to welcome Pakistan and the international auto industry to the 13th edition of the Pakistan Auto Show 2017. PAAPAM has been striving year after year to attain a high level of expertise and bring to Pakistan and its exhibitors a world-class expo. We have expanded our product profiles and sponsorship opportunities in line with the growing demands of our valuable exhibitors and sponsors, and this year I am more than excited with the offerings that we bring to the show this time around.


I look forward to your immediate bookings and comments for any improvement that you may have. PAAPAM is constantly striving to do better, and with your support, feedback and participation, I have no doubt that the Pakistan Auto Show 2017 will be perhaps the biggest expo in Pakistan.


Mr. Saeed Iqbal Ahmed Khan
Sr. Vice Chairman, PAAPAM

Saeed Iqbal Ahmed KhanI am honored to have been elected to serve as the 2016-17 Senior Vice Chairman of the association.  The Association has a history of outstanding Board Chairs .I will strive to emulate the integrity, vision and leadership of the past Chairs read more

Syed Mansoor Abbas
Vice Chairman, PAAPAM

I am really grateful to the Auto Engineering Family to provide me with this opportunity of steering the association as the Vice Chairman. This is a tough job which will be done with honesty and dignity from my end. My objectives to achieve this year for read more